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Hurry, the 30% Federal Tax Credit expires in 2016! Save money and go green!
Increase Home Value $22,000*
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Why have over 1.5 million Americans invested in solar? Surveys taken over the last ten years confirm that the vast majority of owners (94% or more) consider that investment a wise decision. "The tremendous growth in the U.S. solar industry is helping to pave the way to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Over the past few years, the cost of a solar energy system has dropped significantly -- helping to give more American families and business access to affordable, clean energy.”
* Save on your Energy Bill your very first month!

* Increase the value of your home approximately $22,000 immediately!

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* 30% Tax Credits Expire in 2016. This is the best time to Go Solar!


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Now email or fax a copy of your latest electric bill so we can find you the very best solar deal and show you how the panels will look on your home or business.

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Save 15% on Energy Bills and Reduce Harmful EMF’s with
POWER PERFECT Energy Management System!

Why would you need a Power Perfect Energy Management System?

Right now, your home is running approximately 77% Clean Energy and 23% Dirty Energy. This causes your appliances and electronics to work harder and run hotter.  

Once you install a Power Perfect energy management system, your home will run approximately 95% clean energy!

This results in all of your appliances and electronics running cooler and easier, lasting longer and it saves you money on your energy bill.  

The average household or business saves 10% to 30% on electricity by installing Power Perfect alone.

Power Perfect is 100% USA made and manufactured in Montana and has been installed in chain restaurants, gas stations, car washes and tens of thousands of homes in the USA.

They all have the same result... cleaner energy and lower electric bills.

ALERT: Smart Meters can be hazardous to your electricity and your health!  Power Perfect combats the negative effects of Smart Meters!

Energy Saving, Beautiful Quantum Photon Lighting!

EACH BULB can save you up to $1 Monthly!  50 Bulbs could save you $25 to $50 monthly!

Did you know most bulbs produce about 60% light and 40% heat?  Our quantum photon bulbs produce 95% light and only 5% heat. 

That translates to about 50 cents to $1 in monthly savings per light bulb in your home or business.

For every bulb you replace with our amazing, full color spectrum lighting, you will save up to $1 per month... per bulb!

We also have 4 foot fluorescent bulbs available. 

GREAT PRICE: Our bulbs cost about the same as other bulbs, however pay for themselves in savings in just a few months.

3 YEAR WARRANTY:  Every bulb carries a full 3 year warranty and most often last up to 5 years!

HEALTHIER BULBS?  Our bulbs are better for plants and animals and general mood. If you believe in the harmful effects of EMF and dirty electricity, you’ll love our 95% light bulbs.

THEY DON’T GET HOT!  They don’t even get hot. you can hold them in your hand while they’re on!  Once you try them, you’ll immediately start saving money and you’ll never go back!

Try our superior light bulbs today.

We look forward to helping you go green!